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New Secretary of Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission

An Ex-Student of this Mission ....
New Governing Body has been formed on 25.01.2014

Governing Body of Ramakrishna ....
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Members of the Board of Trustees as on 31.03.2009

Swami Nityananda President
Swami Abjananda Vice President
Swami Saradatmananda Vice President
Swami Girijananda Member
Swami Viviktananda Member
Swami Vedananda Member
Swami Sarbadebananda Member
Prabrajika Atmaprana Member
Swami Nityarupananda Member


History of Vivekananda Math, Barrackpore

The Vivekananda Math was established on Saturday, the 23rd April 1977(10th Baisak 1384)on the birthday of Sri Sri Sankaracharya at premises no 7 , Riverside Road, Barrackpore Dist ? 24 Parganas (Now North 24 pgs) West Bengal by Swami Nityananda who was a monk of the Ramkrishna Mission and Ramkrishna Math , Belur for a long time and left that organization on 16th October 1976. Subsequently he organized a separate independent institution under the name ?Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission? which was registered with the Rregistrar of societies of West Bengal bearing No S/18606 dated 1st November 1976 . Some other Monks also joined the Vivekananda Math from Ramakrishna Mission and other places. In oder to give it a systematic form with a view to regulate the Math according to laws of the land , the Vivekananda Math was registered with Additional District Sub Registrar Barrackpore , on 28th June 1980 bearing No 160 of 1980 by the settler Swami Nityananda.

Main objects of Vivekananda Math

1. To preach & practice the universal teaching of Sri Ramakrishna ? Holy Mother and Swami Vivekananda. 2. To organize , Establish and run institutions like orphanage school, college, Dispensary, hospitals, technical schools , temples shrines and other welfare activities for development of the society in general and for poor in particular irrespective of caste , creed and religion. 3. To provide opportunities to individual to live a monastic life according to the guidelines given by Thakur ? Ma ? Swamiji under Dasanami Sampradaya set up by Acharya Sankara.

Methods to achieve the objects:-

1. To organize various cultural programe , festivals birthday according to tithi of Thakur- Ma-Swamiji for disseminating the universal knowledge and national integrity irrespective of cast , creed , & religion in people.

2. To set up public place of worship for upliftment of character of each individual.

3. To take active part for improvement of downtrodden people and also take part in Relief activities.


Main  objects  of  Vivekananda  Math
1. To  preach  &  practice  the  universal  teaching  of  Sri  Ramakrishna ? Holy Mother  and  Swami Vivekananda.
2. To  organize , Establish  and  run  institutions  like  orphanage  school, college,  Dispensary,  hospitals, technical  schools ,  temples  shrines  and  other  welfare  activities  for  development  of  the  society  in  general  and  for  poor  in  particular  irrespective  of  caste , creed and  religion.
3. To  provide  opportunities  to  individual  to  live  a monastic  life  according  to  the  guidelines  given  by  Thakur ? Ma ? Swamiji under Dasanami  Sampradaya  set  up  by  Acharya  Sankara.

Methods  to  achieve  the  objects:-
1. To  organize  various  cultural  programe , festivals birthday  according  to  tithi  of  Thakur- Ma-Swamiji  for  disseminating  the  universal  knowledge  and  national  integrity  irrespective  of  cast , creed , & religion  in  people.
2. To  set  up  public  place  of  worship  for  upliftment  of  character  of  each  individual.
3. To  take  active  part  for  improvement  of  downtrodden people  and  also  take  part  in Relief  activities.

Branch Centres


Location of Centres

Nature of activities


Vivekananda Math
Headquarters:- 7 Riverside Road,
Barrackpore,North 24 Parganas,
West Bengal, Pin ? 700 120

  • Orphanage  for  poor  boys  and  girls.
  • Temple  as  public  place of worship.
  • Vocational  Training  Centre onprinting press  and  publication unit of religious books.
  • Charitable  Homeo  Clinic  and diagonostic center  on Ultrasonography.
  • Old  Age  Home  for  elderly  people.
  • Vidyarthi  Ashram  for students of far off areas.
  • Primary  and  Junior  High  school  for Boys  and  Girls.
  • Relief  work  during  natural  calamities.
  • Arrangements  for  function  and  festival rendering  Indian  Culture  and  Heritage.


Vivekananda Math
Village ? Dwipa, P.S. Haripal
Dist ? Hooghly, West Bengal
Pin ? 712 403,
Phone ? 03212-231310

  • Orphanage for destitute girls.
  • Junior High School for local children.
  • Temple for public.



Vivekananda Math
Village Joyrambati, P.S - Kotolpur
Dist ? Bankura, West Bengal
Pin ? 722 161
Phone ? 03244-244252

  • Orphanage for poor children.
  • Yatri Nivas for pilgrims.
  • Public place for worship.


Vivekananda Math
Village ? Belkuri, P.S ? Purulia Sadar
Dist ? Purulia, West Bengal
Pin ? 723 140
Phone ? 03252-280340

  • Orphanage for poor children.
  • Vidyarthi Ashram for students.
  • Temple for general people.
  • Gardening and Agriculture.


Vivekananda Math
B-5/101, Audh Garbi Shivalaya  Varanasi,
Pin ? 221 011,
Phone ? (0542)2275446

  • Service to the elderly people.
  • Arrangements of occasional function and festival.
  • Yatri Nivas for pilgrims.
  • Public place of worship(Temple).
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